Not all of the following is true.


Dongle is not a real word. Everyone who uses it has been tricked.

It is poetic that lipstick was modelled on bullet cartridges. War is embedded into one of the tools women use to apply make up.

Cocktails were invented to mask the taste of bootleg alcohol during prohibition. This is why they were first widely popular in the US.

The same is true for Coca Cola which contained cocaine. It was marketed as a temperance drink during prohibition. The cocaine high replacing the effects of alcohol. I once read it used to be served in wine glasses.

Adverts which attempt to be cute are the worst kind of evil. An advert should just present the product and ask you to buy it. To me, anything else is an irritant.



Lloyd Cola said…
I always ask for a cola rather than a coke. It is funny the effect it has on people. It causes a brain blip.

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