Say cheese!

The theory goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is of course nonsense. It can be worth more, or less, than that. All you need to do to prove this is take a photo of a page with 1,001 words on it or 999 words depending on which point you want to prove.
Digital cameras can take loads of pictures, unlike in the old days when you only got about 30 in a roll of film. I read recently that this has made pulling a funny face when being photographed more common. However it still remains a dangerous tactic. Particularly when the people you're pulling a funny face at represent the UK's media and you're about to confront a dangerous psychopath in your role as a taser wielding policeman.

The poor bloke in this photo must regret his moment of creative gurning even more so, now we learn there's to be an inquiry into taser misuse in connection with the death of Raoul Moat.

Poor bloke.

That said, the lack of any other pictures of him leave the possibility open that this is his normal expression. That might sound absurd but my mother (who has never lied to me) used to often warn that gurning can become permanent "if the wind changes". Maybe the poor sod suffers from this fate. Perhaps he's midway through explaining this to the photographer.


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