Time shoots by.

Aug 1st

It's such a droll observation but it holds true, time is going by at an ever increasing speed. If you agree with this assertion be prepared for it to continue to accelerate. In the world of New Age / Conspiracy theory there are some people who think this tendency, which everyone seems to have noticed, is proof that the Universe is itself thundering towards some sort of conclusion which will arrive in 2012.

The truth of the matter is of course slightly more mundane. It's down to perspective. At the age of 5 your understanding of the passage of a year is that it will take almost one fifth of your life. At the age of 10 it's only one tenth, and if you're 20 it's only a twentieth and so on. This means that the passage of time will always increase, even allowing for the alternations demanded by a poor memory.

At the age of twelve your experience of a year is alike to your experience of one month when you were a one year old baby.

This stuff tallys up with my experience of being a kid and thinking an hour was ages.

What's more it doesn't involve a mass consciousness awakening on the 21st Dec 2012. Or anything spooky at all. It just explains why people all think there's some sort of significant thing on the way. It's a trick of the human perspective. The people who wrote the Bible and ranted about end times felt it. Terrence McKenna felt it. You've felt it. So have I. And it will get more pronounced the older you are.

I think that's why old people seem so befuddled by the world. It's moving so fast relative to them.



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