Too clever for his own good...

Nowadays everybody thinks they are a media expert. Clever manipulation of TV interviews is not beyond the ken of people like, Zac Goldsmith. On the contrary, it's easy. Or at least, so he thought.

I wonder, does he still think that? Did he leave the Channel 4 studios with his cronies patting him on the back as they chortled to themselves "ha ha that showed that scruffy little oik!".

Or does he realise that he made an absolute twunt of himself by failing to answer the questions which were being put to him? Who is his media advisor? Who told him to persue the tactic he did in this awful performance?

It takes him a good five minutes to get to the issue after boring people with some nonsense about who did or did not send him an email about booking him for the show. Then he points out that he read on the internet that someone who writes a blog likes him. I mean seriously, "WTF?".


He begins with the attitude of one who is going to put Jon Snow straight and during the ordeal slowly acquires the aspect of a schoolboy trying to explain why his homework is late.

Oh dear.



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