What a depressing incident, thank God for Stewart Lee.

I was sat on the tube opposite a rather well dressed dandy. Next to me were a young black couple who looked quite trendy themselves. The lad had a hat on and sports gear, the girl had her hair straightened and curled ever so slightly. The man got up and pushed his way through the people towards the door. The girl remarked to her boyfriend; "he's gay".

The lad sounded almost as shocked as I was. "How do you know that?" he asked her.

"You can just tell by the way he's dressed and acts".

"Well, what does it matter?" he asked.

"Dirty," she said.

He sort of sighed and then, the bloke they were talking about returned to his seat. I don't know if he heard them. I presume he'd got up at he wrong stop. I was so depressed by this incident I still haven't fully assimilated it into my mind. The girl didn't look phased but the lad looked a little embarrased. My stop came up and I got off.

I think the reason I was so surprised is that I'd always thought that homophobia was entirely motivated by the insecure feelings of men who are worried about their own sexuality. In fact, this is almost without exception the case. A man who stays up thinking about gay people clearly has issues.

I can only think this woman was motivated by religion. Beyond that her nasty outburst is incomprehensible.

Very odd.

The rest of the day was spent reading Stewart Lee's brilliant book. He's a comedian who has a fantastic routine about political correctness, which he thinks has not 'gone mad' and is in fact a good thing. I'm inclined to agree with him. It hadn't gone mad enough on that tube for my liking anyway.



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