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28th Cheryl Cole, I just don't get it.

Cheryl Cole is all set to join Mini The Minx in one of my old favourite comic books The Beano. Here's a link to The Sun newspaper's story about it where they call the Beano a "long-running animated magazine". What on earth does that mean? It's a comic strip. The Sun used to have a very good grasp of clear plain English. How the phrase "long-running animated magazine" got past the copy editor I'll never know. Actually, do they even have copy editors anymore?

I don't have much time for Cheryl Cole so I'm dissapointed that Mini The Minx is going to spend time with her. I expected more from the female Dennis The Menace. Still, times are hard and poor Mini is just following the money. Ultimately I blame you, the general public, the ones who like Cheryl Cole. What is wrong with you? Why do you like her?* And just to clarify here, for those reading this who are not part of the 'general' public, she is VERY popular. These idiots love her. Sad eh?

Has everyone forgotten her savage and frenzied attack upon a black toilet attendant which, during the subsequent court ruling, was described by the Judge as "an unpleasant piece of drunken violence... [for which she has showed] no remorse whatsoever".

Perhaps it's just that I've spent time in my previous life cleaning toilets so I have a sense of misplaced empathy with the poor woman who was on the receiving end of Cheryl's uncontrolled savagery. I just remember seeing her pictured in the papers nursing a bulbous swollen eye as allegations were banded around that Cheryl had called her racist names as she dished out a bit of violence. In the end the court ruled that it wasn't a racist incident just an ugly one. It's clear from press statements at the time that Cheryl's people were very keen to play down any suggestion that she might harbour such prejudices.

The reason I mention this is because right under the article in The Sun is a comment from some chuff who writes:

"For crying out loud for the last time. People who hate Cheryl PLEASE DO NOT LOOK OR READ THE ARTICLES. PERIOD.
We love her and want to hear and see more of her. She has done no harm to anyone or bad mouthed anyone. She is one of the few who keeps her mouth shut about everyone one else. Leave the poor girl alone.She is the prettiest face on any paper these days."
(my emphasis)

Lion74 of course has either forgotten (or was never informed) of this incident. Partly this might be because she changed her name not long afterward making it a bit harder to google. This was when a husband had been found, Ashley Cole. His ethnicity helped to quash any suggestion that she was racially prejudiced and her femininity helped him to drive a nail into the rumours he took one newspaper group to court for: COLE SUES OVER 'GAY ORGY' STORIES LINK HERE.

Now, I'm not saying their marriage was a sham designed as a mutually beneficial PR move but I am saying that Mz Cole is clearly a brand which has no problem with spin. An example of this would be the recent controversy surrounding the L'Oreal adverts she did where she showed you how nice your hair could look if you used their shampoo. Turns out she was using shampoo AND hair extensions worth over £1,000. The ASA cleared the company of any wrong doing but it's a nice metaphor for her brand; fake, plastic covering up reality.

And yet you swallow it up, wholesale, swill it down with a pint of BS and then wonder why you feel empty. What's wrong with you people?*

It's no wonder religion is still so powerful a force in today's world. People actually like supping lies. I'll lose my mind thinking about this one day.

Bleugh. I just suppose I expected more of Mini The Minx. That was my overall point here. Now get lost*.


*It's pretty easy to work out if you're one of the people I'm ranting at here. If you like Cheryl Cole you're one of them. If you don't, you're not. In fact if you like Cheryl Cole how are you managing to read? That's not possible. Ach! I wasted my time here.


Lloyd Exposure said…
I have no interest in Cheryl Cole and therefore ignore references to her in the media, and focus upon the things I like. I understand this is called selective exposure, and I recommend it. As soon as you see her name stop reading and move on.
Anonymous said…
i really dont get why on earth people like her =/
obviously its not for her singing "ability"
her looks are average at best, just a lot of make up, which is fine, but nothing special.
there are far more attractive girls.. i just dont understand -_______- haha

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