Aug 12th

Original link found on the excellent Dangerous minds blog here.

The above YouTube video is a trailer for a Hulk film made by the Bangladeshi film industry. It looks awesome, in a sincerely camp fashion. Oddly it reminded me a bit of the old Troma films, Toxic Avenger and so on. Ah, happy days!

One of the first things to jump out at me is the effects. The CGI looks old fashioned. I've been recently grabbed* by the idea that most artwork loses its impact over time. The Mona Lisa does not look as jawdropping to someone who views it in the 21st century because we're used to realistic pictures in this day and age. Just as a moving image has less impact on us compared to the first people who saw cinema in the 1800's.

And ... just as Jurassic Park looks a bit rubbish nowadays so too will Avatar in 20 years hence.

This of course presumes a continued advancement in special effects. Perhaps we'll instead look back in 2030 and long for a return to pre-apocalypse big budget entertainment. By then maybe the Bangledeshi film industry will have overtaken Hollywood and they will look with a wry smile at one of our latest big hits.


*I'm not quite sure if I heard someone talking about this on the radio or watched it on the telly. I'm consuming so muchy of both at the moment it's all turning into a vast soup of ideas in my headbox.


Murray said…
Ah, another one of Alan Watts' prophecies slowly being realised!

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