The cover up is ending?

"This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic among the general population and destroy one's belief in the Church"

According to The Telegraph and various other papers Winston Churchill's involvement in the "UFO cover up" might have amounted to more than just keeping us calm and getting us to carry on. This story, revealed in the official UFO archives, has been a part of 'Ufology' folklore for quite some time but it's nice to see it being so widely disseminated.

The short version runs like this: RAF pilot encounters UFO while flying a bomber plane. As you'd expect, UFO outmaneuvers our earth technology and reports of encounter become a national security issue. FULL ARTICLE IN TELEGRAPH HERE.

What interests me about this story is firstly the idea of mass panic. That makes sense in war time and post war Britain. Even during the Cold War I can imagine it might freak people a bit. Nowadays though, I'm not sure that's what we'd get in the event of full ET disclosure. Unless the story is "they exist and they're on their way to kick butt right now, in fact they arrive in 7 light years time, run for the hills!".

If, as most of the intelligent commentators on this matter suspect, the announcement is more along the lines of: "they exist and we don't know much about them if we're honest," then maybe we've got an outcome which is slightly harder to predict. I believe the response would be closer to mass amazement than panic.

The only area of life where there might be panic is in the religious world, the second area of this story which fascinates me. The religions of the world rely upon certainty. They know what's going on and why, it's written in their magic book. An announcement along the lines of: "they're real, who knows what they want or are" is totally unacceptable to them. This hits right at the core of a central misunderstanding as regards the distinction between Western science and religion. The former thrives on not knowing where the latter needs to have certainty. Despite the occasionally authoritarian guise of people like Dawkins (and before that Sagan) when they preach the gospel of common sense and the rules of evidence the reality is that if God were proved tomorrow the scientific community would be the ones who'd worked out his phone number. Only the Pope (and 'insert religious figureheads here') would want them not to ring him: "Err, let me talk to God first, I'll talk to him for you, this is going to be a very complex conversation for a mere moral. Oh no, don't ask him about the children, let me explain his words, oh no! Etc."

So just picture that, for a minute, the pandora's box of ET disclosure is opened. How would you react to that news? Probably like I did* with a "wow" and not much more. That is of course if it is, as I believe it is, something which represents the powers that be admitting there's something going on here which they do not understand. If collectively we all simply went "wow" there'd be no mass panic. Disclosure would simply become another 24 hour news event.

So, if there is a cover up going on, who'd be pushing hardest for it to continue if not the religious communities? The Catholic church's announcement that belief in ET's doesn't compromise your Catholicism a few years ago still makes me wonder if 'the truth' is on the way soon.

They stop revealing these MOD documents in a couple of years here in the UK. We'll have access to all the evidence just before the end of 2012. The clock is ticking. I wonder if any of the other religions will start paving the way for ET and his mates?


*When talking to Edgar Mitchell. Millions have now heard that interview and a good 10% were enraged by my response. I stick by it though. Aliens are real? Wow.


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