Telly them to hurry up!

10th Aug

The fix it man has come and taken away my telly. It's been quite a carry on getting to this stage in the fix it process so I'm quite pleased we're making progress. My girlfriend however is livid that her Big Brother viewing is to be so ruined.

For me it's just going to mean more time on YouTube and iplayer. I've not really been enjoying this current series of Big Brother. It's been unusually dull. I don't mean that in a "huh I'm so principled and clever I don't watch it" way. I just mean it's not up to its usual excellent standard.

There's a part of me that likes the idea of not having a telly. There's also part of me that would hate to turn into one of those people who always brags about not having one. Fortunately there's no chance of us giving it up any time soon. Particularly given that I spent £500 on the thing. Typical that it breaks. Harumph!



Lloyd Braggard said…
I've never met someone who brags about not having a telly - have you? I've met people who don't have a telly, but the only tell me this when I ask them if they haved watched a particular programme.

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