Wacky hair and popstars

I'm not really aware of pop music these days. In my travels around the internets* I stumbled over this page which suggests that popstar Mark Salling has a song that sounds like one of Robbie Williams's.

It wasn't really that which annoyed me. It was the picture of him, with his haircut. That annoyed me. On a kind of deep level there's something wrong with someone having that haircut and yet being so cleanly polished. It should be a haircut that inspires fear. It's a punk haircut. I don't like punk but I've at least got a sense of respect for it.

Listen, I'm old now. I'm 33, I should be getting a sense of outrage when I look at popstars. I should be rolling my eyes or ringing my hands and wondering where the moral fibre of the nation's youth is going. Instead I'm confronted with a picture of a bloke who looks like a male model in every respect apart from his hair which looks like a marketing decision. "Lets give him a punk haircut, they're quite trendy at the moment," I imagine the meeting went.

There's no sense that the establishment need be scared of anything in that picture. In fact it's a sign that the machine has won.

My point is, that my dislike of Mark Salling's hair is not of the sort that style should evoke. It's the same dislike I had for Avril Lavigne's anarchy t-shirt and almost everything "P!nk" has ever looked at. Fake packaged rebellion with a pricetag stuck on it and a BEST BEFORE date stamped on its bottom.

I'm afraid to admit that the picture put me in a bad mood for most of the day.


*People don't seem to "surf" the internet anymore do they? I wonder why that term sank beneath the waves of popular usage?


Murray said…
Only morons consider 'Punk' as merely haircuts, safety pins and ripped clothing. Early 80s American Hardcore had the purest sense of the punk ethic, even though they despised the term 'punk'. It was all about DIY: managing your own band, running your own record label and touring endlessly to get your music heard.
I'd recommend Henry Rollins' book 'Get In The Van' as an essential read to anyone starting up a band.
Lloyd Salling said…
Hi Nick, Mark Salling's haircut was like that for a TV show called "Glee". Don't worry about it.

I have no interest in Mark Salling and therefore ignore references to him in the media, and focus upon the things I like. I understand this is called selective exposure, and I recommend it. As soon as you see his name stop reading and move on.
Trollins said…
Hey Nick

I know you are an Alan Moore fan so I thought I would give you a belated heads up about his new bi-monthly magazine Dodgem Logic. I've got the first 3 issues and they are wonderful.

Anyway if you already know about it feel free to ignore me with contempt
Nedemgirl said…
Oh no no Nick, you did not just diss Mark Salling? I carry a torch for the guy! And anyway, as mentioned above, this was for his Glee character Puck.

*Love your show on LBC, especially when other presenters are away. Wish they had you the whole week, I wouldn't sleep, but who cares, you are great!

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