Diane Abbott and her anti-racism problem

The human mind has great difficulty processing a negative thought. For example, try to NOT think of the last thing you ate. I need you to try NOT to remember what it was, your last bit of food. Once you've managed NOT to remember it I want you to keep it out of your mind and keep NOT thinking about it. If you're a normal human being you'll be thinking of it now despite trying not to ... mmm, chicken!

Many people believe that this is where those who campaign against something go wrong. Do you remember the "anti-war" marches of the previous decade? They didn't seem to do so well. Perhaps part of that was a branding issue. Keep telling everyone you're against something and in the end you start to become associated with it.

This partly ties into another idea which is neatly summed up in the following quotation:

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one."
Friedrich Nietzsche
German philosopher (1844 - 1900)

There's a sketch I saw on, I think, a DVD extra of Little Britain. It was brilliant but as far as I can work out never broadcast. In it you had a load of people all working for a Cancer Charity. They were busy organising various activities, TV interviews and fun-runs. In the midst of it all one of them took a call. His words suggested good news but his face said otherwise:

"Oh, really? All forms of it? And it works in every instance? Oh, err, great, that's great news. I'll tell everyone."

He finished his conversation and relayed to everyone there the "great news" that cancer had been cured. In the sketch everyone then realises that their jobs are now no longer necessary. The fun run is cancelled and plans are made to wind everything down. Then, just as the news is setting in for everyone that they have nothing to do, the phone rings. It was all a mistake. The cure doesn't work. They can't help but look happy.

You can see why it was never broadcast but it makes an interesting point. People like Diane Abbott require racism to still exist. It's part of their identity, power base and, for want of a better word, their act. Her tweets about "white people" who she thinks "love to divide and rule" along with these other comments about her being "dubious of black people" who don't claim to experience racism make perfect sense in this context. I feel sorry for her because she will have to make some major changes to her world view if such mistakes are not to happen again, and again, and again.

FURTHER READING: Diane Abbott will not face police action over 'racist' tweet. - Ironic that it was her Government that made such an absurd idea as 'prosecution for an opinion' possible eh?


Anonymous said…
I also feel sorry for her because she looks just like Andrew my Karate instructor from college.
Alex from Upminster said…
It certainly is a branding issue. "Anti-racism" should instead be "pro-equality".

It's probably why the so-called "anti-fascist" movement comes across as more fascist than the people they oppose.

I'm interested in this whole racism debate. I genuinely try to understand where people get the idea from that our colonial history means we're forever doomed to judge the actions of people today to the actions of slave owners and slaves in the past.

I would be branded a "naive (white)liberal" for suggesting that we should all be treated equally and that all of us are capable of being perpetrators and victims of racism.

Sadly, my two-wing (right wing, left wing) discourse will always be drowned out by those with clipped wings.
David said…
It has taken me many years to see the big picture and understand how it all fits together. Most people do not, and if any politicians do they use the information to manipulate the system rather than reform it.

You clearly appear to be one who can also see the big picture, and unlike me you are on the radio so can gradually help others see it. And one thing you will never get from me is conspiracy theories or wild guesses, I am legally trained which means I wait until I have a file of evidence before I present my case. Like all cases some later turns out to be junk, but not the majority. Keep up the good work as there aren't many about like you.
Anonymous said…
Best summary of the situation I've read. Also - re: her looking like a Karate instructor. She looks a little like the bloke who sold me a car last year only with long hair.

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