The Discordian Cult Of Nick lauches amid little to no ceremony ... join us!

I've always quite fancied being the leader of a cult. Unfortunately for me I lack the appropriate level of charisma, determination and moral bankruptcy required for such an undertaking. Instead I'm going to start doing a podcast again and call it "The Cult Of Nick". Without question this will one day be an incredibly successful enterprise but like all such high jinx it needs a small beginning. This is it.

Despite my clear belief in this enterprise I am not intending to part with any actual money* to invest in this future world class product nor do I have the time to muck about looking for a way to host this podcast properly so I've gone with a nice free "Audioboo" account for the moment.

Listening to this audio instantly makes you a member of The Discordian Cult of Nick. Once 'in' there is no escape. Unfortunately for me there are no obligations required of members. In fact the only obligation required of anyone following this inauspicious blog entry is that I post one five minute bit of audio from my back catalogue every week for the rest of 2012, at the end of which the world will have course ended. Or, I'll have moved away from posting old stuff from the past and start doing new stuff unique to the podcast. One of the two.

I'm under the impression you can subscribe to this thing on iTunes, here's the link:

We're in week two of 2012 so I'm going to post up two bits to get the ball rolling, from then on it's one five minute bit a week. If you're like me that means they'll build up in your iTunes and you'll listen to four or five every now and then when you can't find anything better.

Kicking off with an interview I did on Kerrang Radio with comedian, Mark Thomas, who I saw doing his live show recently. Brilliant! Go and see him if he comes up your area, so to speak.


*I'm confused as to why it seems to cost money to do a podcast but is free to upload video to YouTube? Can anyone explain that to me?


Anonymous said…
You could try using SoundCloud instead?
Anon said…
I can host your podcast for nowt if you want.

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