Does David Cameron really play Angry Birds?

This weekend just gone the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, gave an interview to The Telegraph. It was one of the more interesting interviews I've read from him in terms of the EU, Scottish independence, and the deficit, because it really seemed to get into some of the nitty gritty. However it is littered with trivial detail:

"but Mr Cameron also still finds time to relax, watching television and listening to music. To the envy of many, the iPad addict has also, he reveals, completed Angry Birds, the massive-selling “app” in which players catapult animated birds at pigs."

At first I liked this little insight. "Oh, he plays Angry Birds like me, that's nice," went my initial uncynical response.

Ironically the interview was overshadowed in terms of reaction by a trivial comment he made comparing, Ed Balls, to someone with tourettes. Furious moralisers queued up to decry the apparent slip of the tongue and it swiftly became the main issue as Cameron apologised for "any offence caused". In the real world the phone lines of my radio show were not rammed with people angry about it, most defended him along the lines I did. It's a turn of phrase, not unlike saying "are you deaf/blind/dyslexic?" to someone in the event of them not hearing/seeing/spelling something. I'm dyslexic, I don't find that offensive, furthermore we had callers who were blind who agreed. Like I said, it's trivia.

Now the interview has been largely forgotten about, except for by me, as I sit playing Angry Birds and wonder about Cameron doing the same. I've started to doubt he does. It strikes me as just the sort of thing an advisor might have told him to say in order to humanise him a bit more. Firstly, he's got form, his "cast iron guarantee" of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was a much more important claim and it turned out to be a lie. Secondly, and unfortunately for him this will always be the kiss of death, he looks a bit like Tony Blair.

However, that I'm cynical about his harmless claim speaks to the fact that I can't bring myself to trust any of these politicians about anything at all ever. I don't think I'm alone in this lack of trust. My generation has had no reason to ever trust these people and it's certainly not something which they've ever earned from us.

If it was a lie then the aim was to associate David Cameron with something "normal" people like. Blair did it with music by meeting Noel Gallagher. The idea is that the association makes you think of Cameron when you think of something you like. It hasn't worked with me, instead it's made me think of the fact I do not trust politicians every time I play Angry Birds, which is quite often, would you believe?


Anonymous said…
An angry bird clarifies;
Blair met Allbran first (when both Labour and Britpop were on the up.... The meeting with Noel was at the at the start of the demise of "New Labour" and, many would argue, "Britpop".
I guess if Cameron admits to playing C.O.D. at any stage in the future one could draw a similar parallel.
Good Blog though.
Anonymous said…
Nah - don't believe a word the bloke says. He's a front for the New World Order being brought in by The Illuminati Nick, you know that but they've bought you off.

At least you still drop hints here and there.

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