In a trivial pursuit of Trivial Pursuit


So, why is it the case that Trivial Pursuit is nowhere to be found? There's only some rubbish version where you bet on people knowing or not knowing the answers to a question. I started off by going to the toyshop in London called Hamleys. The shop assistant rolled her eyes and said "ooh, everyone has been asking for that this month" as she pointed me in the direction of the crap orange box with the new version in. I asked her if she had the original. They didn't. As I walked out some dozy 'fun loving' sales assistant chucked a plastic boomerang around and missed the back of my head by an inch or so.

I wandered off to John Lewis. Nope.

Tesco. Nope.

Argos. Nope.

Harrods. Nope.

WHSmith. Nope.

I even bumped into a young couple who were also searching for it. They wanted it for a dinner party (I was shopping for a Xmas present) on New Year's Eve. We compared notes and both marvelled at the following weird response we'd had in a number of shops ... "why don't you get it on the internet".

They wonder why the high street is doomed!

Still not found it.


Previous entry regarding "ooh, why don't you get it on the internet.


Anonymous said…
They really ARE hopeless these days when it comes to those two old fashioned words: "customer service". I honestly think in about 20-30 years from now shops will be only located in history books and museums.

Why put up with it when you can find it on eBay!

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