The Ironing Lady

I went to see The Iron Lady at the cinema. It was mildly annoying. This is quite good going for a film with such an overtly political subject, given that I couldn't enjoy Avatar or the last Batman film because of their irritating ideological content. Fortunately though this was not a lefty wet dream of Thatcher, crying into her hands full of regret at how evil she was but nor was it some deluded triumphant right wing fantasy.

There was a scene right at the start that annoyed me when she had no milk - I felt the director leaning out of the screen saying "aah, she was a milk snatcher you know"*. There was a weird bit where she ranted about the EU. I think they were trying to show what an uncompromising monster she'd become. I actually wanted to cheer and shout "here, here". I didn't though as I wouldn't have wanted to interrupt everyone's conversations.

What's with that? Oooh - lets go to the cinema and have a nice chat. Best part of £20 and you get idiots who don't comprehend that I'm not at the cinema to hear some halfwit gibbering away or even answering a call after letting their ringtone burble away for a few minutes.

The Cult of Nick is doing well. Actual people have downloded it. For the moment it's just old Kerrang clips and will remain so for the forseeable. The link is here:


*"Thatcher Thatcher the milk snatcher" - Education secretary who took away free milk: WIKI.


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