It's just a blog entry

I hate the phrase "it's just". It annoys me because usually it is not "just..." anything at all. Most words are simplifications of whatever it is they are attemptingto describe. This means whatever you're talking about is unlikely to be reasonably limited to being a case of "it's just...". The same reasoning leads me to be annoyed whenever anyone points out "ah, but it's more complicated than that". Such an observation usually goes without saying.

Specifically I think if you reduce an experience to a case of "ah, it's just" it's usually you that loses out.

Love - "ah, it's just chemicals in your brain".

God - "ah, it's just another mode of control".

Art - "ah, it's just pretty pictures".

Everything, every second, every moment, every word is unique. Nothing is ever "just" anything at all.

With this thought in mind I've decided to use today's blog post to link to this website which sells garbage from the streets of New York at a premium price, gift wrapped:


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