I've hit my target weight JAN 9th 2012

I'm now exactly 14 and a half stone. However, due to some sort of clerical error this does not in fact make me "normal" according to the BMI index. I spent all of last year thinking it would, only to check the facts while bragging about my apparently "normal" weight to my Mum on the phone. At just over 6 foot in height it leaves me still in the category "overweight" as opposed to "obese". Turns out I need to lose another stone.

Oddly that's sort of a relief because my physique still sports a Little Plum style belly. To put this in perspective, previously I looked more like his Dad:

My analysis of this BMI index chart thingy today shows me that I will still be allowed to continue dieting in an attempt to kill that little belly off without worrying that I've turned into some sort of metrosexual anorexic. That's where this kind of thing can all lead. I mean, for Christmas I got some perfume! And I was pleased about it! It's called "Joop". I think people prefer to call it aftershave but everyone knows it's perfume right?



Little Plum off of The Beano http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Plum


Lloyd In Bolton said…
You're slimmer than me you swine!

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