Nescafe Mocha...

I've bought some new Mocha sachets. Unfortunately they're not as nice as the significantly cheaper ones I've been having from Aldi. These new ones are a bit flat, maybe they need more Coffee or something in them.
I've tried to hide my dissapointment from myself twice and failed both times. Now I've decided to blog about it to the hundred or so people that read this corner of the internets. And of course Nescafe PR department who will inevitably at some point read this little ramble.

Actually, if you do work in Nescafe PR why are they called Mochas? Why not call them Chofee? That'd make more sense wouldn't it? A Mocha combines the best of both hot chocolate and coffee right? A good one is a bit like the Rose of hot drinks (which should itself be called Whed wine). What does Mocha mean? I'll tell you, it means you're making a mochary of the whole naming process. Yeah, that's what it means.

Of course fact fans will know that it's this process which was used to invent Toffee. A mad scientist back in the 20's wondered what would happen when you combined Tea and Coffee and, as everyone knows, it produces a most disgusting drink. No matter how many spoons of sugar he put in there it still tasted of putrid brown stink. He did of course famously leave that sugar filled drink out overnight and when it cooled an solidified - hey presto, a new form of sweetie! The rest, as they say is history.

And to think, all the other scientists in those days thought he was nothing more than a useless little twunt.



Anonymous said…
What about Toffifee?
Anonymous said…
I'm off to have my morning crank.

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