New Cult Of Nick podcast is up...

The link is here, you can subscribe to it on iTunes:

The download figues for this thing are tiny, we're talking under 100 people at the moment but I'm really enjoying sifting through my back catalogue. This week's pod is the first in a three part interview with occultist Peter J Carroll. Originally I was a bit embarrassed by this interview as I got more into his work after I spoke to him. There's a lot of things I'd ask him now which go unmentioned here. However with the benefit of hindsight it is what it says it is, an introduction to modern occultism, not an advanced (and therefore less accessable) discussion about the subject.

Occultism is a subject which gets some people very riled up. The reason I give it the time of day is thanks to the work of Alan Moore. My thoughts on it are pretty concisely laid out here: Blame Alan Moore.

And then there's this entry which consistently comes up in my hit counter as one of the most popular entries on this blog: Aleister Crowley & The Call Of The Second Aethyr.


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