Suffering a massive case of CBA re: my new phone.

I'm suffering a massive case of CBA in regards to my new phone. I feel a bit like I've had my arm twisted up my back by the phone company (Orange) who didn't seem to offer massively favourable rates for someone like me who didn't want to upgrade. I also felt a lot of personal pressure from friends and family who couldn't understand why I stuck so doggedly to my "old" (only got it a few years ago) phone. In the end I accepted that not upgrading my phone was silly. So, I requested my upgrade and signed on for a 1 1/2 year contract with my new touch screen phone.

It arrived in the post.

I've got my new payment plan in place. They've sent me a new phone, I just CBA* to actually use it for anything other than a game of "Angry Birds" now and then. My "old" phone is still the one I'm using to make and take calls. The new one is currently just a glorified modern version of my old Gameboy handset I had in the 90's.

Firstly, I just can't quite get behind touch screen. It's too clumsy. I liked having a keyboard.

Secondly, all these stories about these new phones having viruses are upsetting. My phone is more private than my computer. I SERIOUSLY CBA with viruses on it.

Finally in the event of getting it stolen I'd like to know that the theif in question would be dissapointed with an "old" piece of technology.

Time will tell how long I hold out on this one...

*CBA - Can't be arsed. I don't know why this acronymn appeals to me so much. It's forum speak really isn't it? Meh, I'm blogging every day at the moment, might as well indulge.


Anonymous said…
I completely see where you're coming from on this old technology thing, when my compact and cute (albeit 'girly') sony ericcson Jalou fell in the bath I spent a couple of months trying to get it off ebay because I liked it and really just cba with this touchscreen (very annoying when texting as well, tons of mispellings) facebook, gps, tap games on my phone, just not necessary. Everyone said I was stupid not trying to get an iPhone/Blackberry but as you say these newfangled things are more likely to be stolen/mugged for anyway. Living in the area of greater London that I do muggings aren't exactly uncommon either, especially considering young female is probably an easy target.
Very happy to have discovered your late night LBC show btw after having been a big fan of The Night Before back in the day, shame it is only twice a week.

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