Twitter feed improves dramatically

I've locked my twitter feed. This has enhanced twitter enormously. It means that I get less annoying tweets from people who are wound up because I didn't happen to share their opinion on something.

At work I see taking personal abuse as being all part of the job. Twitter though is for my own amusement. I often read it at home or on my mobile phone. Having my tweets locked means only people who have chosen to "Follow" me can see what I've written and so consequently only they can reply. It gives the thing a feeling of being a little exclusive club of just under 2,000 people, theoretically all on a similar wavelength.

My colleague Duncan Barkes was the first to do it and to be honest I've only really copied him.

If you'd like to follow me my twitter feed is @NickMargerrison. So far I haven't refused anyone, apart from some woman who wanted to me to go and look at her webcam.



Anonymous said…
You should face up to criticism more Nick. I'm sick of you slagging off Christianity and your constant anti-monarchy agenda on LBC.

Bet you don't publish this comment!
Anonymous said…
To the commenter above...You should face up to the fact that your Christian country is going down the pan, and it's because we don't have anyone with his common sense making decisions.

AND to make it worse there are idiots like you, wanting to criticise the good sense that he speaks, my God.

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