11th - Saturday night

I do like Camden. I think of all the places in London that's my favourite. There's a nice vibe there, the people seem nice and the market is awesome. It sort of feels like a constant mini-festival.

As I was wandering round I couldn't get the thought of this Eurolottery winner out of my mind. Apparently he and his girlfriend (who have won £45 million) are being wished all the best by his 'estranged' mother. Imagine you had an 'estranged' mother and £45 million. I'm guessing that you'd be thinking, "ah, poor Mum, I guess now we're millionaires we should let bygones be bygones". What's interesting to me about that is it implies that rich people are by virtue of their wealth predisposed to be nicer...

It's an implicit assumption on my behalf that I'm not too happy with. It seems wrong because it's almost like saying that being richer makes you a better person and that conversely poverty makes you bad. That's not true, right?

Source: Daily Mail, EuroMillions: Estranged mother of £45m lottery winner.


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