A bad tempered bus driver? An irritating cyclist? Tell me it isn't so.

If there's one thing I hate to see in my rear view mirror it's a cyclist. They terrify me. They all seem so angry. They're also so dangerous, what if they fell off? Doesn't bare thinking about.

I was in Camden this weekend with a mate wandering about looking at the shops they've got there. It really is my favourite place in London at the moment. It feels like a mini-Glastonbury or something.

While there we saw a furious cyclist shouting and screaming at a bus driver. He was right up against the window of his bus giving him some proper abuse. To make things worse this pushy push-biker was as a result blocking the path of another bus just behind which was trying to overtake. The cyclist knew no fear and continued to 'speak truth to power'.

It looked like it was going to kick off so me and my mate did the decent thing and ignored it, carried on walking, best not get involved... if there's one thing I also know it's the some bus drivers have terrible temper problems ...

So, it struck me as an interesting coincidence that when I got in to work I was greeted by this story: 'I'm not angry with him.. it was a moment of madness': Cyclist FORGIVES road rage bus driver who mowed him down

In short the chubby bus driver in question sobbed like a baby in court as he was convicted for dangerous driving and causing grievous bodily harm after slamming his bus into the cyclist and flinging him 10ft across the road. This after they'd had an argument at a roundabout further back. The whole incident was caught on CCTV, which you can watch on the linked to article. Without question the bus driver's temper got the better of him and he deserves the 17 months in jail which has been dished out to him.

However, the bit of the article that amused me was the quote from his wife, apparently unaware of how cyclists are percieved by most road users she is quoted as saying: 'I still cannot believe somebody could do something like this to a cyclist.' That and the fact that the cyclist's attempts to be reasonable do come over as a little smug. I'm sure it's unintentional, I'm probably just guilty of prejudice when I read:

‘It goes to show how one bit of rage can affect so many people’s lives. It has affected me and my family - but also now him and his family now he has gone to prison.

‘He was angry and he let the anger get the better of him. But I do not feel any anger towards him now - in fact I feel really sorry for his family.

‘But that couple of seconds where he lost it he has affected a lot of people for a long time.'



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