The fifth of Feb ...

The plane takes off about an hour late but there's little disruption to our flight out to Amsterdam from London Gatwick. Ironic that I've spent the last few hours taking calls from people who have had their night ruined by the "travel chaos" of the night before. Mostly though, as became clear to our listeners, the main problem was a couple of lorries that'd come adrift over a few major roads.

Once I arrive I am whisked away to one of the areas infamous coffee shops where I meet my friends. I still can't quite comprehend how the Telegraph's opinion writer, Michael Deacon, believes there is a comparison to be made between smoking cannabis and murder. It astonishes me as I watch the people around rolling it up and smoking it.

The holiday time though was something I really needed. It was nice to take a few days out with friends. I'm also still the best of the lot at Chess. Much chirping about how 'it's a game of champions where only the supreme intellect can survive' made that extra fun.



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