God rid us of The Queen...

This controversey over "Sir" Fred Goodwin is tiresome. At least he did something to earn his airs and graces. He has not got this title because he was the first born child of the 'right' parents, or because some people think 'God' chose him, or even because he has chosen to stick to the 'correct' religion. He has got it because he's slithered and shredded his way to the top. In other words, he actually did something. He was, in a manner of speaking, elected and not genetically selected. Unlike the woman who gave it to him, The Queen.

Firstly, there is no one who thinks the monarchy is fair. Those who oppose it make this a central plank of their argument. The irony comes when people who are in favour of it try to use this fact as a conduit for royal sympathy. It's a duty not asked for, we must marvel that they accept it. I've taken many callers in favour of keeping this unfair system of Government who will without irnoy ask for sympathy towards The Queen who never asked for this 'heavy burden'. Absolute nonsense. The whole thing is a doddle, you are entitled to a lifestyle no one reading this blog can even begin to imagine and everywhere you turn there are people who flatter you with praise in the hope they'll one day get a Knighthood. One of the world's biggest armies swears to protect you. And you become literally above the law.

"Oh, well, what would you prefer, Tony B-Liar and his kind?"

Yes, at least you can vote the likes of him out.

"Oh, well, err, it's just symbolic anyway."

Symbolic of what? I'll tell you, it's a depressing symbol of how deeply wedded this country is to privilage, pomp, nepotism, the cult of the celebrity, reverence for genetics and the slavish worship of power for its own sake. We marvel at the lack of ambition shown by Englishmen by comparison to the Americans. Compare and contrast our national myths! Theirs is that you can be whoever you want to be, President even, if you just work and try hard enough. It's even written into their constitution that "all men are created equal". What do we tell our children with our monarchy? ---- you if you're not from the right womb.


God rid us of the Queen.



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