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I've started contributing to Iain Dale's website...

Iain Dale's a nice bloke, I've started contributing to his website here:

What I like about him is the fact he's variously described as a "conservative blogger" and "right wing" but absolutely fails to conform to the stereotype those labels demand. Softly spoken and always polite his show is a great listen. It also frequently makes front page news in the national papers.

I'm planning to write an entry for him once a week, it'll be sort of cribbed from here as with the current article.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I fly out to Amsterdam to meet some friends and stay in a flat for a few days. This fun little break from the real world will mean fans of The Cult Of Nick podcast will have to wait until Wednesday for the next upload. In the meantime the others are all there waiting for you to download if you should choose:

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