My most popular blog entries of ALL TIME so far...

By which I mean they've had the most readers.

#1 Lion-O is my hairspiration

Reason: I think because a political blog linked to my picture, at the bottom, of Alister Darling and a Muppet who he looks like. It means this one has a regular flow of people who look in on it.

#2 It was ever thus

Reason: Some sort of US lads mag linked to this a while ago, I think on twitter. Not a great entry really but it got a lot of readers, some of them were clearly coming to it on email so I'm guessing it got forwarded like that.

#3 Aleister Crowley and The Call of the Second Aethyr

Reason: A number of small occult blogs linked to this one. It's also around the time of The Kerrang Show and I think I mentioned it on air.

#4 Housekeeping Post

Bit of conflict never harms your hit rate. It's the closest to a proper blog fight that I've had on here I think. Listen to the intro to this page and you'll get the idea:

"I've had to remove the comments bit from the bottom of the front page. It all got a bit nasty there without me even noticing. I've upset"

#5 Been ill

Reason: Mystery to me. There are much better entries such as The Awakening that're far more interesting than me having "swine flu".


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