New Cult Of Nick, New Iain Dale blog entry...

The most recent "Cult Of Nick" podcast is here. It's a good entry point for anyone who is new to this. Basically I'm posting up old bits of audio from my archive, this episode features Uri Geller. In the back of my mind it's a kind of holding spot for possible future 'unique' content but for the moment it's mainly stuff from the Kerrang show.

There will be no LBC stuff there at any point. You can buy that from the LBC website for a small fee.

I've also finished another article for Iain Dale's blog. The last one I wrote, "In Defence Of The Daily Mail" quickly became the most discussed one on the site and also featured as one of the top rated entries for a while. The new one should appear soon and is, unlike the others, unique to the site. In other words, I've not re-written an entry from this blog. Link here:


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