New Cult Of Nick podcast hits the internets

I am not aware of this audio being available anywhere else on the net. It's quite early on and formed part of the show's Sony Award entry for the year 2007.

There's a certain sense of satisfaction I'm getting from watching the number of downloads creep up, very gradually, each week for this podcast. There's quite a little archive slowly building up now.

Best case scenario we'll hit double figures by the end of the year...

In other news I've sent my usual Iain Dale blog entry over and hopefully it'll go down well. The "Defence Of The Daily Mail" article still continues to attract controversey weeks after I wrote it with a BBC producer/journalist arguing on his twitter:

Tim Johns ‏ @timoncheese

What do you think of this defence of the Daily Mail by @nickmargerrison? I think it's worse than the Mail itself.

He may not have enjoyed my defence of the right wing newspaper but in the same spirit I enjoyed his incredibly right-on lampooning of 'The Sun on Sunday' and Rupert Murdoch's now struggling media empire, which you can see here:

I think it's important to support free speech and media of all kinds. Newspapers, even if we don't agree with their points of view, are important. It's nice he added to the publicity surrounding The Sun On Sunday. I presume he is also a fan of free speech.



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