Oh no! No mochas...

I've cut out the mocha from my diet. A combination of hot chocolate and coffee, The Mocha, was elected 'King Of The Coffees' in the olden days and has retained its crown ever since. Unforunately I was having about a dozen or so of them each week. You know those massive ones you get in places like Costa? Not good if you are, like me, on a diet.

They'd started to lose their taste a little anyway. I think it's the way they make them in Costa. "Oh, you get better coffee there" people spout as if it's a fact. Really, it's better is it? So how come I prefer Starbucks? Answer me that, with your "oh, the coffee's not as good in Starbucks, go to Costa, it's better". I suspect Starbucks is a bit like McDonalds or the TV show Big Brother: a victim of its own success which people hate because they think they should.

The market leader is always hated and despised, for no clear reason. Apple managed to pull that one to its advantage for quite some time as people flocked to it largely because it was seen to be the plucky underdog. The truth of course is that it is a far bigger company that Microsoft. It's iPhone business ALONE was worth more than ALL of Microsoft in 2010. Ironically, now more people are aware of the size of Apple, and the fact it's a clear market leader, stories which are critical of the brand have started to appear.

I'm still drinking coffee though. Just not Mochas.


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