Once bitten ... ah sod it, bite me again!

There's a big advert for Star Wars Episode One in 3D just outside work. I view it with a mixture of sadness and dread. Firstly sadness because that first Star Wars film was so poo. Secondly, dread because I keep thinking I want to go and see it. Is Lucas using "The Force" to make me want to see it?

The same is true for the forthcoming Judge Dredd film. The last one sucked the teat of a poo monster. Now there's another one coming out, they reckon it'll be good and so I'm all geared up to see it. I'll get angry if it's rubbish. Properly upset. The last one still makes me twitch if I think about it too much.

Then of course there's the Hobbit film. Now, The Lord Of The Rings films, they were ace. That has been settled once and for all by a scientific investigation using computers*. I couldn't relax when I watched them first time round though because I kept expecting it to turn into a turd. Now there's this Hobbit film my old fears are back.

I think the best films are the ones that are ace without you expecting it.

Weirdly The Watchmen is turning into one of those films. I thought it'd be a pile of stink, I watched it thinking it probably was and then, over time, I realised it was good.


*I lied about that.


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