Right - so I've paid your six figure salary so you can lecture me?

Ok ... it's rant time!

So, I go to the NHS dentists. The woman there is "obliged" to tell me to stop drinking and/or smoking because I might get cancer. For your information I hardly drink, maybe a few beers (literally two) a week at the most. One of the facts of life when you work weekends, no one to drink with. Also, I don't smoke. I used to.

However for some reason I have been told this information HAS TO BE submitted when you go to the dentists ... and they HAVE TO tell you to stop smoking/drinking "because of the cancer risk".

Well excuse me.

"How about this, you stop doing all the things in your life that you do wrong, yeah?"

"It's not my fault I've been told to tell -"

"Right, well pass that message back up the chain of command yeah? Sort your own sh#t out before you go telling me to stop doing what I, as an adult, choose to do!"

I wanted to say this, instead I went, "no, not going to do that" and smiled.

I know they've been told to pass on this advice. Doctors do the same on their six figure (paid for by the taxpayer, highest paid in the world) incomes. I know they don't really care if I stop smoking or drinking, that sort of makes it worse though doesn't it? It's judgemental advice ultimately coming from the brain fart of some dozy politician who thinks he or she is better than you at living your life.



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