The start of a new month...

I had one of those weird dreams this morning where you wake up and feel like the film of your life has moved on to part two or whatever. Actually that's a bad analogy. More like it's a soap opera and they've cut to another scene. You know like in Neighbours when they show a bit of footage of Ramsey Street to indicate a new day? That.

The film analogy probably only sprang to mind because most people do that at some point or other, imagine they're in a film. Yes you do, don't deny it*. You've even put together highlights for a trailer. I know I used to, I remember once when I was off round a mate of mine's house and it was his birthday. He was a good friend of mine but his parents were committed Christians. The trailer for that weekend ran something like this ... CUE DEEP AMERICAN VOICEOVER: "He was a nice well behaved Christian, he liked to have fun, but only in small doses ... now it's time for him to meet: Nicky! And learn ... how to party!" At this point there was footage of me and him running and shouting for no apparent reason.

I can remember imagining this so well. At no point did I realise how cheesy I was being in my little mind. It was only years later as I sort through my leftover memories that this one looks so odd.

I have no idea if his birthday party did, in the end, involve me and him running and shouting.


*Ok, maybe you don't. If you don't you'll not be the sort of person that adds their own sound effects when driving either. I pity you.


Anonymous said…
I sometimes imagine events in my life being the headline story on the front page of a newspaper. Quite amusing.

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