The Stewart Lee and liking stuff before it's popular

I'm going to see Stewart Lee soon. It's always exciting to watch him live. I sort of feel like I watched him claw his way back up from the bottom. It's a bit annoying that his success is slightly killing the buzz. Now he's got his own BBC2 show it feels a bit like he's sold out or something.

It's like a band that you've been into for ages who suddenly make it big.

You sort of want to shout at people who like him:

"Doh, didn't you know about him already? I've known about him for years. In fact I invented him. That's how cool I am. Blo#dy hell mate. When I first saw him I fell off my dinosaur. Yeah! A dinosaur. That means I've known about him since at least the Triassic period. It also has huge implications for the theory of evolution because up until now it was thought dinosaurs and people didn't co-exist! Doesn't make sense does it? No. But I don't need it to 'coz I'm so painfully cool."

Then again, on the other hand, I hate it when people do that to me. It's annoying because the obvious question is: "well why didn't you show/tell me earlier?". A mate of mine once actually did do that by having a go at me because I'd not played any, Jimi Hendrix, to him after we'd lived together for years. I had to agree he was right to do so.

However, there is of course the possibility they DID play said music to you earlier and you didn't like it. In other words you're guilty of the crime of liking something because it's popular. I remember at university there was a lad who loved being into cool 'indie' music. Every now and then one of the bands he liked would go mainstream and he'd go through all these conflicting emotions. He challenged me about some band or other that had broken through and that I now liked which he'd apparently played to me years ago only to be told they were s#it.

I can't remember the band in question but they'd had years of artistic and critical success just now they'd become more commercial. In other words, they'd sold out.

Just to see what colour purple he'd go I replied with this:

"Well they were rubbish back then, but now they're really good - that's why they're on top of the pops these days - they've improved".

His head actually exploded with rage leaving only a bloody stump in its place.



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