What's wrong with global Government?

"We are the 99%!" x3

I was excited by the #occupy movement at first. Then I actually listened to what they were saying and realised I didn't support them at all. They are calling for a "global" revolution. This would inevitably bring a "global" Government in its wake. There are a number of problems with this idea. Here they are in bullet form:

1, "Nation states are a firewall against tyranny" - Alex Jones on my old Kerrang Show. He's right of course, a dictator in Germany is a problem for Europe and it can be stopped by Britain and the USA. A dictator in Iran is a problem for the middle east but he can be restrained by other countries. A global government which elects a dictator cannot be stopped, ever.

2, If it were a democracy the MAJORITY of the world is not educated, deeply religious and used to a standard of living people in the UK can't really imagine because they're so poor.

3, The level of power gifted to those who ruled THE WORLD would be beyond anything ever entrusted to any person in the world. We know from our history that power corrupts, this brings us back to point one.

I've lost a number of followers with my opposition to the #occupy movement but it has struck me as suspicious that these characters pop up out of nowhere with their ready made ideas, slogans and agenda. It's all concerned with a "global" agenda and frankly I'm not keen. Not at all.

The individuals themselves I'm sure are lovely.

The ideas they carry I view with DEEP suspicion.

Here's a video someone sent me, related to this post, it's quite interesting:




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