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Urgh ... ye Gods!

Watching some daft reality TV show last night. Or rather, it was on telly while I was in the room. Glanced up and there we are, Paddy off Celebrity Big Brother stumbling about with some bloke filming him, shouting insults at him and another giving him punches every now and then. It was so brutal I was stunned. Apparently the footage had been uploaded to YouTube and became part of a now resolved court case. The story had been reported last year but escaped my attention.

It's probably one of the most shocking moments I've ever endured on television. I'm amazed Channel 4 thought it a good idea to broadcast it to be honest.



Anonymous said…
Ah, those charming traveling folk with their cash in hand, tax avoiding ways and a penchant for distraction burglaries. Don't you just love 'em?!?

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