Can't beat a good haircut...

I'm working on my small talk problem, with some success. I'm not sure if it counts if you're speaking to someone you're about to pay money to though. In this instance it was my hairdresser who I engaged in chatter with. He enjoyed travelling and seeing the world, particularly Australia. I engaged him in conversation for a while and felt happy that I'd done a good job.

The haircut though was a bit of a struggle. I'm not sure of myself when it comes to style and fashion choices. I was once laughed at by strangers because I was wearing a granny cardigan like it was a good idea. This is one of many times, including my brief and ill advised Goth period, when frankly I've proved I haven't got a clue about sartorial style. With this in mind it's always worrying to have a hairdresser say things like, "do you really want it this short?"

"Too bloody right I do mate, I was in here only a month ago and now I'm back again so soon?" went my internal monologue as I asked him more about the 'excitement' of his Australia trip.

People have since commented that I look like I've lost weight these days. I'd say that's a win for short hair.



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