Carpet Remnant World by The Stewart Lee

It's his best yet.

Go see it.

I've loved Stewart Lee's work since the incredible set "Stand Up Comedian" which he did in the early part of the last decade. It blew me away at the time, his material was concise and delivery so perfect it made him impossible to ignore. Since then he's produced a lot of very good work and the occasional duffer.

A lot of his early appeal for me was that he occupied this weird world where he was a "has been" who clearly did better work off the television than on. His sneering and venom could be fired forcefully at mainstream society without consequences because he was an outsider but at the same time there was always a danger he'd be 'reclaimed' at some point in the future.

Now his return to television looks, with the benefit of hindsight, inevitable. The consequences do as well, he did quite a bit of lazy work and rested on his laurels a little. Not so with this new tour. It's easily some of his best work. Go see!



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