Chess and the game of life...

There's an old saying that runs something like this: plan your life before someone else makes plans for you. I enjoy the fact that the game of chess illustrates this perfectly.

Me and a mate sat in a cafe today and played chess. We played three games over a few hours. It was awesome, or at least I enjoyed it. I think he was less keen as I kept beating him.

I don't have any tactics in the game particularly I just like to make sure my opponent gets drawn into my plan and is "forced" to move as I want them to. You do this by making obvious threats to important pieces and then anticipating what they will have to do to avoid the damage. And then having a plan as regards what they will be forced to do.

When I was in Amsterdam this same friend of mine claimed I play chess like I play the game of life. I wish I did. I've not quite got the rules of life sorted out yet, unlike those in chess which only took a few hours to learn.



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