It's chilly willy ...

I'm trying to be more organised. Today I cooked chilli. It was quite good. I also sat and watched some of perhaps the most absurd reality TV show I've ever seen: "Make Bradford British". The idea is to take a load of different people from "multicultural" Bradford and pop them together, in a house, I think. A bit like Big Brother only with added Daily Mail. This is from memory so I may have the details a little shakey. I'd had a glass of wine or two with my chilli as well so ...

I think it's a shame that the show was so contrived in its format as the trailers made it look like a serious investigation into Bradford and the problems caused by a divided community. Instead it's got all the traits of being a "heartwarming" story of how people can live together if they just try hard enough or whatever.

This show comes on the heels of a documentary about the EDL and some Islamist bloke in Luton called "Pride and Prejudiced" which was broadcast, I think, earlier in the week. It's all a little tiresome.

I have a big issue with this word "multi-culturalism".

How do you define a nation?

The best answer to that question I've heard comes from a guy called Michael Savage, an American talkshow host banned from setting foot in this country because The New Labour Order didn't like his opinions...

Dr Savage defines a nation thus: Borders, Language, Culture.

That's as good an answer as you're likely to find. Now, muti-culturalism knocks out one of those pillars and means any country which preaches it chooses to define themselves by just language and borders alone. However, as you know, we live in a multi-language nation. So now our nation is defined only by its borders...

OK, so where's the problem with that?

Well, multi-culturalism in the above form has been tried before. It's the natural state of our planet. The borders of planet earth are defined by it's gravitational mass. It's multi-cultural and multi-lingual. It's history is characterised by warfare and oppression. Is that really what "multi-culturalists" want to have happen here in the UK?

A documentary that tackled that might be better than this Big Brother pap I had served to me along with my chilli I made.

Yeah, I made chilli.

I cooked.



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