Last FM phone app.

I don't get why a company as big as Last FM has to charge for its mobile services. I've just had a little free trial of it and, if you're listening to music, it's a pretty good trip. Now they want me to pay! How unreasonable. I can't believe they wouldn't be able to sell adverts onto that feed and make enough money like that. There's a weird sort of fear some people have regarding adverts that I just don't understand. It's like they're impossible to stomach for some people.

I also don't get why it's free on the website but you pay for the mobile app thing. Surely it's the same principle with both?

I guess the only reason I've written this entry is because big companies manage their online reputations and there's a vague chance these complaints will be heard this way. Either that or I'm finding the challenge of daily blogs a bit too much and my inspiration is running dry. I often wonder what the purpose of this little bit of the internet is. Have I just created a giant datamining exercise for future statisticians? Or is it a real record of the last five years of my life?

And if it is, who is it for?

It gets a few hundred readers on a regular basis. But sometimes that number increases. Or drops. I've never worked out why. I think the more entries you do you find that more people get into reading it. But, like I said, I've no idea what it's for so...



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