My Tony Robbins trip

The programme I use is called "Get The Edge". I've been loving it since my last entry about it. There's something so exciting about pretending to be a big toothed cheeseball like The Robbins. No problem is too big in his world. All you need is optimism and a good work ethic to pull you through.

I'm a huge fan of optimism. It has done more for us than probably most other words. Without it we'd never have got to the moon. Can you imagine something like that happening with pessimists at the controls? You can't even imagine it really. P--sed off engineers moaning; "bah, another day at work on this moon trip fiasco. God I hate this job what a stupid idea, as if men are ever going to walk on the moon. Particularly not when we've got Barry in accounts f--king everything up. What an idiot he is. etc".



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