Nick exposes his ignorance RE: Jung...

I spend a lot of time listening to rather obscure "psychedelic" thinkers such as Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts and Timothy Leary prattling on about the world. This is largely thanks to a great little podcast called The Psychedelic Salon. Link to it here.

One of the names that keeps coming up is that of Carl Jung. As a result I've bought myself a sort of 'idiots guide' and am currently ploughing through it. It's very interesting. I now have an idea what a neurosis is. I also know a little bit about archetypes. I am however at that point where I'm not quite informed enough to spout it off to other people yet. I'm sat at the cusp of knowledge. It's like a less mindblowing re-run of the time I read Desmond Morris and decided everyone was a monkee playing out their animal instincts.

I think in retrospect Desmond Morris's work did my head a bit of damage at the time. It took me a few months to really come down from it.



Murray said…
I read Ronald Hayman's biography A Life of Jung over a decade ago, and it was this book that was the trigger that drew me more towards all matters esoterical. It's a fascinating read.

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