Oh dear ... I'm going to lose some weight out of this

If you're on a diet it's a bit of a mixed blessing getting tummy trouble. Well, actually, strike the word "mixed" from that sentence and it's accurate. The noise of a poorly tummy was in fact music to my diet ears. I'm now down to 13stone 12lbs at 6 foot 2. I need to blaze off 5lbs and I'm "normal".

How my arrival at waistline "normality" will be celebrated remains to be seen. No one really seems to care now I'm not huge anymore. It's just sort of taken as a given that I've lost the weight and that's that. I empathise with Robbie Williams's quote:

Inside me there is a fat man dying to get out.

Well, right now he's certainly dying to get out. Toilet time again... must be something I ate.


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