Politicians - can't stand them.

I got a twitter message after the show chastising me for slagging off John Prescott. I don't even remember mentioning him but it sounds about right. I can't pretend to like any of these 'characters' who steal our money off us every month (taxation, VAT etc) and then dare to lecture us about their deficit. They parade about as if what they do isn't something to be ashamed of. I cannot stand them!

It makes my job a little tricky. At the moment I've kind of stumbled into being a "newstalk" presenter and so a lot of what we talk about concerns people who I think are contemptuous. Most normal people agree on this nowadays. The tweet which defended Prescott defined him as "One of the very few true honest politicians we have!" only to get shot down by another follower who pointed out that Prescott's wife might roll her eyes at such a description.

Politicians are THE LEAST STRAIGHT TALKING PEOPLE on this planet and those who try to defend them will do well to remember that.



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