I'm now proper into the yoga and things.

So, strike the entry which reads: "I'm now proper into the gym and things". Replace it with an entry which preaches about the joys of Yoga and Pilates and we're slightly closer to the truth.

Pulling weights is so incredibly boring! And it's really tiring. Ugh, horrible. Now, Yoga and Pilates, this I could get used to. Really easy and yet still technically classified as exercise. You have some hippy woman who lights joss sticks and stuff, talks about sacred energies and then gets down to some stretches. In the main it's not too hard. Pilates seems to be easier than Yoga.

-- Do not read beyond here unless you distracted yourself from large chunks of your life with the game Street Fighter II --

I'm looking forward to the more advanced stuff. Can't wait until they teach me how to float cross legged and spit fire out of your mouth. Imagine that, you'd be a legend. Never short of a lighter. Able to extend parts of your body to unfeasable sizes. Also capable of unintentionally comic special moves... I wonder what a real life Dhalsim would be like?

Oh yeah, it'd be like that.



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