So, you've left LBC then? And other FAQ's.

23rd March

The announcement is made that I'm leaving LBC.

Not much to say about that other than we're working on a new TV show for Controversial TV on Sky Channel 200. I'm talking with radio people at present but will be enjoying having my weekends back.


Anonymous said…
Hi Nick

Only just discovered – to my delight – that you have a blog. I’m devastated that you’re not doing the o/night weekend LBC slot any more. Why do LBC always snatch my favourite broadcasters away from me? First it was Bill Buckley, then Marcus Churchill and now you’ve gone too. Don’t get me wrong – I like Christo very much, but I did love some of the questions you posed to your listeners, whereas his style is a bit more "chatty," and I loved the quietly persistent way you pinned people down and gently probed them to get at the reasoning behind their opinions. It was also refreshing to hear a phone-in presenter who was genuinely unthreatened by opposing viewpoints to your own, unlike so many who seem to think that hosting a phone-in programme is simply an opportunity to prove how indisputably right their own opinions are – a fault which, I have to say, several of the earlier-slot LBC presenters (who shall remain nameless) suffer from. Do let me know if you get another late-night slot on radio and, if it’s available in my area (South East), I’ll re-tune!
Glauca said…
The weekend nights are not the same without you.
With Christo having taken your place, the show has been dumbed down. I am not listening any more.
Why does LBC remove all the best presenters?
Anonymous said…
I was very happy when I discovered Nick was presenting his late night show on LBC after previously listening to his show on Hallam FM.

Best radio presenter on the air in my opinion, really hope he goes to another late night show, it's the only time I listen to the radio.

LBC were mad to get rid of him, I demand an explanation.
Bob said…
Hi Nick,

How I used to really look forward to listening to you, my weekends arent the same anymore!

Would love to know LBC's reason for sacking their best DJ by far, it beggars beleif but best of luck in your future endeavours and I shall be keeping an eye on your website for the next installment of your career.

Best of luck from an ignorant northerner ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick, sorry to find out that you are no longer at LBC. I used to listen to your shows when I had sleeping problems. Wish you well for future projects.

Anonymous said…
Hey Nick
Hurry up and get back on the radio, will ya. All the damn squares are driving me crazy.
Anonymous said…
Your show was one of my favourites. I found it thought provoking and enjoyed your style of handling callers. I wish you all the best & hope that you end up on a similar show as night time talk radio at the moment is... poor.
Elliot said…
You will be sorely missed , I used to listen to you on my ride to work in the morning.

Elliot in Tokyo.
Elliot said…
LBC, why do they always move out the better presenters?!
Loved your show.
Well gutted its gone,
will be keeping an eye on your blog for news.
Good luck.

Elliot in Tokyo
Bob said…
So then Nick, whats on the horizon for you, we need you back on the airwaves!!

ps. just sent yet another letter to LBC asking them to re-instate you!!

Lets start a Facebook petition to get you back where you belong!!
Anonymous said…

Hey Nick agree with the others. Need you back on the airways.

Listened to your show nightly. Please return!

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