BBC apologises for reporting news.

Quite an astonishing story this:

BBC apology to Queen over Abu Hamza disclosure

The BBC has apologised for revealing the Queen once raised concerns with the government about why radical cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri had not been arrested. The apology comes after security correspondent Frank Gardner told BBC Radio 4 details of a private conversation he had with the Queen. The BBC said it and Gardner were sorry for the "breach of confidence", which both "deeply regret". On Monday, Abu Hamza lost his latest appeal against extradition to the US.


Are they apologising for reporting the news? That's what it sounds like.

The BBC 'betrayed Her Majesty's confidence'? Should our head of state really be confident that her activities will always be kept secret by the BBC? I don't think so personally. There can't be many licence fee payers who would want that.

I'm a Republican because I think a President is more accountable than our current system. News stories like this only add fuel to that fire. It's great that the BBC shone a light on this story. It's sad they've been forced to apologise. When I was a kid my Mother would often ask "and what does sorry mean Nicky?" to which I knew the answer was "it means I won't do it again Mummy". I sincerely hope the BBC is not sorry and will continue to report newsworthy items like this one.

Nick Margerrison.


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