Recent Disinfo articles... and my intent to move my blog

Are UFO's from Mars and Ghosts from Venus?
Article about the perception that women love stuff about the supernatural and men are more inclined to like UFO's/conspiracy theory.

Neo-Nazi “Protectors” Fill Power Vacuum Caused by Collapse of EU Superstate in Greece
Opinion piece about the problems in Greece.

Time for Dogmatists to Put their Cards on the Table. 
Opinion piece about the conflict between 'dogmatic rationalism' and people such as myself.

There's a few others on the Disinfo site but these are the ones that jump to mind. My blogging has always been something I do for fun. Feel free to click "like" on these entries. And re-tweet them and stuff. You know the drill.

I have recorded some podcasts, these will be finding a home soon. They're each about 30 minutes long and again from my radio archives. I'm inclined to pay some money to Audioboo to host them. In my imagination they'll end up being self funding but that's a distant vision of the future at the moment.

NICK's NOTE: This blog is gradually dying a death...

I think I'm going to move it to a new host, if you can suggest one for me whack it in the comments section. I'm toying with the idea of using Word Press, they seem quite good. I'll post details as soon as I decide where I'm off to. There's a few hundred people who check here quite frequently so I guess it's worth keeping it up elsewhere. Hopefully they will move across.


Google I dislike the fact google wants me to be part of YET ANOTHER social network. You seem to be trying to crowbar me into Google+ and I'm just not interested. The benefits of a social network that is not online far outweigh those of a ficitonal one provided by the likes of you people. Also, you've changed the posting template AGAIN. It's much too fiddly and feels like change for the sake of it. Sorry google, I'll still use your search engine but my blogging days with you are over I think.


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