Alan Moore interviews

This week's offering to The Cult Of Nick features two interviews with Alan Moore. Both were recorded on the same day but intended to be broadcast seperately.

The first is about comic books and the occult, the second is about the reasons why Mr Moore hates film conversions of his work. If I'm being honest here the stuff where we get into occultism involves me feigning ignorance a little. I'd gotten into it by now and was already telling people I was a Discordian High Priest [1]. However, it seemed like a better idea to step back and let a real expert do the talking.

If this podcast is too long do message me about it on twitter: @nickmargerrison

Next week I'm going to do entirely original content, as an experiment. Regardless of if we lose half our audience or double it as a result it'll be back to the archive the week after as I've got lots of bits and bobs I wanna stick up here.

Thanks as always for downloading.

C u next Tuesday!

Nick Margerrison.

[1] Discordianism is a joke religion. It's therefore entirely compatible with any religious faith you may already have, as long as your God has a sense of humour. It's withoutquestion the over arching theological inspiration for this podcast. The further you go with it the more you will start to amuse yourself by telling people you are a Discordian. Google it if you want to find out more. Then follow my series of essays on the subject, to be found on the Disinfo website.

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